Environmental Forum "Climate Change through Children's Eyes - 2024"

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Environmental protection fund - Ecophone has announced the launch of The 3rd International Children's Environmental Forum “Climate Change Through Children’s Eyes – 2024”!

The event has become traditional in the Russian environmental calendar. By attracting children and teenagers aged 3 to 17 to participate in the forum, the organizers aim to instill in the younger generation a careful attitude to the environment and form an active life position on nature conservation issues.
"For the first time we held an environmental forum for children in 2022. Then we received more than two thousand works. In 2023, we have already received about 30 thousand applications for participation from children from all regions of Russia, as well as 12 countries near and far abroad. Such a result, in our opinion, is the best confirmation of the demand for the forum and the desire of children to express their feelings and care for nature. Realizing this need, we intend to continue supporting this keen interest of the younger generation in environmental protection," said Anna Krel, Project Manager of the International Children's Environmental Forum "Climate Change through Children's Eyes".
The Forum will be held in two stages in three age categories and six nominations. First, the works will be selected at the regional level, after which the finalists will be able to compete for the title of winners of the international stage. At the regional level the organizers will be local ecological and biological centers, young naturalists' stations, public organizations, as well as administrative bodies supervising the issues of environmental education and enlightenment.

Works for participation in the final stage are accepted until July 1.
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The competition categories are:

  1. contest of project and research works on prevention or adaptation to climate change;
  2. competition of drawings devoted to the problem of climate change, its consequences and ways of adaptation to it;
  3. competition of reports on environmental problems;
  4. competition of clothing collections made of recycled materials;
  5. competition of art objects made of unnecessary materials;
  6. competition of the best examples of environmental volunteering.

Age groups

  • 3 to 6 years old;
  • 7 to 12 years old;
  • 13 to 17 years old.

Additional information:

Related webpage - https://ecophone.pro/en/contests

Social media: https://vk.com/ecophone_fund