Climate Security Fund joins the coalition to decarbonize Russia's economy

CSF Activities
Five organizations signed the agreement on the platform of the Tenth International Nevsky Environmental Congress. The agreement was signed by FSBI "Academician Y. Izrael Institute of Global Climate and Ecology", Climate Security Fund, SRO "Association of Waste Recyclers "Clover", "CARBON LIFE" LLC, and "Decarbon" LLC.
The joint project will attract the necessary staff of highly qualified specialists in the field of carbon management, information technology and industrial ecology. Institute of Global Climate and Ecology has the necessary skills to develop methodologies, verification and validation. Climate Security Fund will provide legal and informational support, and SRO "Association of waste recyclers "Clover", as the developer of the sectoral program on decarbonization through waste management, will adapt and develop methodologies, create and calculate climate projects. LLC "CARBON LIFE" will provide scientific, technical and engineering support, and LLC "Decarbon" will provide the necessary IT-infrastructure for the development and creation of the software product.
The tasks of the coalition is to help companies reduce their carbon footprint, implement climate projects, sell carbon units, and achieve recognition of these units at the international level.
The overall goal of cooperation is to reduce the carbon footprint of the Russian economy.