Forbes magazine published an eco-rating of Russian regions, compiled by the Climate Security Fund

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Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance - these areas of company activity are often grouped under the acronym ESG. Following sustainable principles in these areas demonstrates readiness for sustainable development.
However, it is not only a company that can be evaluated according to these criteria. The Climate Security Fund conducted a study of the Russia's regions, identifying leaders and outsiders according to more than 200 indicators.

"The purpose of our rating, first and foremost, is to provide a comprehensive, independent and objective assessment of the environmental and social condition of Russia's regions. Thus we not only create a consolidated basis for further articulation of key issues, but also motivate decision makers to create favorable conditions for sustainable development," said Oleg Popov, President of the Climate Security Fund.

As a basis for calculating the results, the Fund turned to open sources. Information from relevant ministries and agencies, supplemented with financial indicators, allowed experts to make a wide-ranged assessment. Still, in the future the rating will be supplemented with information from residents of the regions.

"We plan to update our environmental rating annually. And we expect that already in the next iteration, it will include information obtained through EcoPhone App. Right now, the Fund's specialists are developing a mobile application, which will become a kind of unique system of prompt response to environmental incidents," said Dmitry Karyakin, an expert with the Climate Security Fund.

Thanks to the EcoPhone app, any resident of Russia (and in the future, of the world) will be able to directly inform the Fund's experts about violations in the field of nature conservation, as well as trace the further path of their application through the authorized instances. All the work on the confirmation of incidents and further legal work the Fund takes into its own hands.

EcoPhone will be available for downloading within one or two months. This means the environmental rating next year will be more accurate and corrected, taking into account the information received from volunteers, activists and public inspectors.

Additional information:
The Eco-Rating is an independent study that evaluates the effectiveness of Russian regions in environmental, social and governance areas.
Detailed information about the eco-rating is here: https://climatesecurity.org/en/ecorating

EcoPhone is a unique application that will allow any human on the planet to report threats to the environment. Data with photos and geolocation of the violation will be sent to the Fund's representatives. Experts from the non-profit organization will take care of the legal side of the issue and prepare the necessary statements. The user of the application will be able to track the status of his application and the stage of the solution to the identified problem.
For more information about the EcoPhone app, click here: https://climatesecurity.org/en/ecophone