Clean the River Banks

CSF Activities
According to statistics, the major part of the garbage in the seas and oceans derives from land. Cleaning the riverbanks off different types of pollutants, including microplastics, is of key importance to counteract further degradation of the world's oceans. Researchers claim that about one million birds and a hundred thousand of marine mammals are killed by plastic pollution worldwide annually.

The Environmental Protection Fund seeks to draw attention to the global problem and to consolidate the efforts of concerned citizens to clean up water bodies.
"We invite children and adults to join the action. You can participate both individually and in a group: a work team, a class or even an entire school. The organizers of the most mass events will be granted with the winners' certificates. The organizers of smaller cleaning events, as well as individual participants, will also receive certificates identifying their participation", said Anna Krel, the head of the action "Let's clean the coasts!".
To take part in the campaign, you need to:
  1. end an application with the note "Let's Clean the Riverbanks!" to the Ecophone Fund's e-mail address;
  2. conduct an event to clean the shoreline of the ocean, sea, riverbank or lake within the period from February 1 to July 20;
  3. send photo and video materials demonstrating the result of your event to the Fund's e-mail address.

Detailed conditions are set out in the Regulations on the campaign (in Russian).