The Second International Forum "Climate Change Through Children’s Eyes" is launched

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The Climate Security Fund announced the start of accepting applications and contest works for the International Children's Environmental Forum "Climate Change Through Children's Eyes - 2023".

The Forum will be held in two stages. The first stage will be organized by regional ecological and biological centers, stations for young naturalists, palaces of creativity, public organizations, as well as administrative bodies, responsible for environmental education and awareness.
Winners of regional stages will be able to compete for the title of winner at the national and international levels during the second stage of the Forum which will be organized directly by Climate Security Fund. Contest works for participation in the Final stage will be accepted until September 15.

The goal of the Forum is to popularize careful attitude to the environment, to encourage the participation of children and adolescents in creative and volunteer activities.

"We strive to attract public attention to the problem of global climate change and its consequences. We believe that the younger generation has its own view both on environmental problems and on the ways of solving them. We offer them to express that attitude through creativity, research work, and socially useful activities," said Anna Krel, head of the project "International Children's Environmental Forum".

The contest program of the Forum includes six categories:
  • contest of projects and research works on the prevention or adaptation to climate change;
  • contest of drawings devoted to the problem of climate change, its effects and ways of adapting to them;
  • contest of reports on environmental problems;
  • contest of fashion collections made of recyclable materials;
  • contest of art objects made of recyclable materials;
  • contest of the best examples of environmental volunteer activities.

The works of the participants will be divided into three age categories:
  • 3 to 6 years old;
  • 7 to 12 years old;
  • 13 to 17 years old.

"Participation in the Forum is absolutely free for children and adolescents. In addition, we invite companies and organizations as investors to support the event. As part of Forum-2022 we received support from representatives of the business community, as well as from scientific institutions and government agencies. Children from 16 countries participated in the event last year. This year, we are planning to expand the geography of the contest as well as the number of co-organizers," said Oleg Popov, President of Climate Security Fund.

Additional Information:
Forum video announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfNZ-VHo284
You can find more information about the contest in your region by writing to: a.krel@climatesecurity.org.
The Forum Regulation is available on the website of the Climate Security Fund: https://climatesecurity.org/en/contests.