The EcoPhone app will be tested in Istra

CSF Activities
The Climate Security Fund held a presentation of the EcoPhone mobile app in the administration of Istra city district. The app itself is in the final stages of development. In the future, according to the authors, it will become a platform for solving environmental problems not only in Russia, but also around the planet.

As a result of the presentation the participants of the meeting agreed that the banks of the Istra River will be a pilot area where field testing of the new platform will take place soon.
"As part of the project to clean the riverbed from litter, the administration of the city district intends to use the capabilities of our application. Eco-activists, volunteers, and concerned citizens will register environmental violations with their cell phones and send them to us, to the Climate Security Fund. Our lawyers will independently verify the violations, file applications to the competent authorities, and monitor the timelines and effectiveness of eliminating such violations," said Ekaterina Kudinova, an expert with Climate Safety Fund.
However, anyone can already download the pilot version of the EcoPhone. Despite the still limited functionality, the app copes with the main tasks. The full working version is expected to be available on AppStore and Google Play in about two months.