Climate Security Fund held a presentation of Ecophone App for activists in Istra district

CSF Activities
On August 19, representatives of the Climate Security Fund held a presentation of the Ecophone app for activists in the Istra district. The meeting was attended by fifteen people. Among them were both environmentally concerned citizens and representatives of the younger generation - schoolchildren, for whom environmental protection can become not only a fascinating activity, but also a future profession.
"First of all, listeners were interested in real cases in which our application can be useful. They asked about the possibilities of using Ecophone to solve specific problems: an unauthorized dump, a dug pit, an unreclaimed area," said Sergei Rafanov, Director of the Climate Security Fund.
The Ecofon application should simplify the solution of environmental problems and improve interaction between citizens and executive authorities. The application, developed by the Fund, allows to submit a complain on the identified violation and monitor the process of its elimination in a quick and easy way.

Earlier, the Fund's experts held a similar meeting with officials from the administration of the Istra City District. The official presentation of the application took place as part of the X Nevsky International Environmental Congress.