Climate Security Fund presented the concept of the EcoFon app

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At the end of last week at the 10th Nevsky International Environmental Congress Climate Security Fund held a presentation of the concept of its mobile application EcoFon. According to the idea of the project's authors, Ecofon should become an advanced platform for solving environmental problems.
"We have been developing this application for about a year. At the first stage, assessing the relevance of the project, we found that at the moment in Russia there is no integral independent platform with feedback, to assess the environmental situation and solve environmental problems," said Oleg Popov, president of the Climate Security Fund.
The EcoFon app is conceived as a unique rapid response system for environmental incidents. With its help, anyone from anywhere in the world can report an environmental violation and apply for its elimination. The Climate Security Fund takes care of most of the work of confirming a violation and sending the corresponding reports to the responsible authorities. The user needs a minimum of personal information and, of course, photo confirmation of the incident and a description of it.
"Our experts will deal with the legal aspects of the process and control the elimination of the consequences of violations. They will assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the authorized bodies and will take this data into account when compiling the annual rating of regions. And the app user will receive bonus points for each submitted and closed application, which can be exchanged for real discounts from our partners," said Sergey Rafanov, Director of the Climate Security Fund.
For the partners, participation in the project has both branding and financial benefits. Cooperation with the Fund will make it possible to obtain the status of an investor in environmental projects and to include investments as expenses when calculating income tax.
"We count, first of all, on active citizens who are not indifferent to nature, society, and their country and want to show their civic engagement. For business participation in the project is profitable from the point of view of ESG-projects implementation. State structures are interested in independent evaluation of their activities and involvement of the population in nature preservation programs," explained Yana Galimova, head of the "EcoFon" project.
The application is still under development. The ultimate goal of the Fund is to create a global international network on the basis of EcoFon, bringing together the public, environmental experts, lawyers, the business community, and government agencies to protect the nature of both individual regions and entire countries.